Certale offers certificates for your pieces of jewellery and watches that verify the value of the item you own. Jewellery certificates are very necessary when hiring an insurance, in a will, if you want to sell it or even for donations and proof of property in case of loss or theft.

CA Basic

This certificate serves, among other things, so that the person who has bought a piece of fine jewellery has a document that verifies that its characteristics correspond to what was actually required, in terms of weight and composition.

Price: 80,50 (Transport + VAT inc.) Buy Certificate
CA Expertise

The certificate includes a document prepared by an expert gemologist certifying the authenticity of the precious stones contained in a piece of fine jewellery. The gems that are detailed in the certificate are those that are included in the category of precious gems, among which are diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc. The certificate is made from a piece where the gems are already set on setting, therefore it is made from the already assembled piece and not from the pieces separately.

Price: 115,50 (Transport + VAT inc.) Buy Certificate

The certification of watches is so delicate that can only be done by a professional in this matter. We inform you that it is necessary to be able to open the box by the expert to make an accurate judgement.

Price: 140,50 (Transport + VAT inc.) Buy Certificate